"kink-friendly"This morning I was blogging about whether two submissives could find love and I received the following Testimonial.

“I write to recommend Aliza’s professional services to anyone needing advice on D/s or BDSM issues in a relationship, either real or contemplated.

I found her advice to be extremely helpful in dealing with my rather ill-formed relationship problem–my significant other and I were getting continually crossed up about the D/s side of our relationship and, as a stereotypical Virgo, I needed some clarification.

Aliza provided it in a way that left me particularly satisfied on two counts.

First, from her personal experience and that of others, she really does understand the dynamics of D/s relationships and what can go amiss. D/s relationships are like others  in many ways, but introducing power exchange into the mix can produce a lot of issues that don’t arise in vanilla relationships.

Aliza put her finger on the crux of my problem even before she read the charts, which someone without her insight into D/s couldn’t have done. 

Second, she really does provide very high quality for the money. I’ve never consulted an astrologer before, but all the incentives push practitioners towards a cookie-cutter approach to readings–you want to do as many as possible to raise your income, so you read the charts quickly, do your analysis and report your findings to your client, then move on to the next one.This approach may make you more money, but it also biases your interpretations towards the superficial and the easily seen and increases the likelihood that you’ll miss something important.

Aliza, by contrast, really took the time to understand and take ownership of the particulars of my situation–she certainly spent more time on my reading than the hour I paid her for. Her reading was much more nuanced and layered than I was expecting–just an excellent job.

So if you’re in a D/s relationship or are contemplating one, Aliza is the astrologer for you. She really knows what she’s talking about and will take the time to give you the advice you need.”

Thank you! It was a pleasure 🙂

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