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Dixie of a A Fool’s Journey is a superb Tarot reader. Recently I did an astrology reading for her and this is what she kindly had to say.

As someone who studies astrology myself, I don’t get many chart readings. But I enjoy Aliza’s writing, so decided to give her readings a try. Man, I’m glad I did! It was apparent from the moment we started talking, Aliza is an exceptionally intuitive reader. I got way more than just an astrology reading…She worked my chart much the same way skilled Tarot readers work the cards–as a touchstone and springboard for accessing a bigger picture. I felt completely understood and supported from the get-go. She was direct, compassionate, and exceptionally  helpful, providing encouragement coupled with a practical plan of action. I’m very grateful for the energy Aliza shared with me, and would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone. It was a wonderful investment. Thank you so much, Aliza!

Thank you Dixie!

"moon pluto"
Dixie of A Fool's Journey

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