"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

Here’s the second one…

And you know what? Sometimes people ask me “how often” they should get a Reading.

Honestly I wouldn’t trust ANY astrologer or reader that gave it a number. It’s whenever you feel the need (pressing or not pressing) and have the money!

No way am I going to say “once a year or twice a year or every month or every day…” No fucking way.

Some people have consulted with me once and then never hear from them again. But most (yeah, I would say most) are “return” clients. I try not to analyze it. All my Virgo energy doth TRY not to analyze it but it exists and I am grateful, so I bow to any and all who I have “read” for. I value your trust in me and am honored to have worked with you. Your lives are holy. We’re all in this together.


“I also benefit immensely every time Aliza does email readings for me.

The problem with face to face and telephone readings (although I’ve never done one with her) is that you can be left with the feeling that you didn’t have an opportunity to digest the information before “moving on” to another point.

You may regret not addressing things that didn’t occur to you immediately.

The best part about Aliza is that she never diminishes my concerns, even when they are ridiculous because I’m having a hard time articulating; she seems to understand exactly what I’m trying to say.

I have found myself asking her to simply give her impressions. Maybe trying to save time since the most meaningful parts of my readings are in spite of the questions/concerns I put forth rather than because of them.”

Thank you too


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