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This awesome Testimonial (for an email astrology/tarot reading) showed up in my Inbox this morning 🙂

I really liked this style of reading, the emailing back and forth. I felt like I was engaging in my reading rather than just having information rattled off to me. I had time to think about what Aliza had written, reflect on it, then write back at my own pace. I got a lot out of it, I definitely learned some new things, and she helped put others into perspective.

Another personal thing I like about Aliza- and this goes for her blog, as well- is that, although she is obviously serious about astrology, she is not the “gloom and doom” type of astrologer, which I find to be a breath of fresh air. I feel like she has her own unique lens with the way she looks at astrology, at charts, and it really came through in this reading.

Loved the tarot as well. I’m sure I will be having another reading. 🙂

Thanks, Aliza!

Thank you too 🙂

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