Tend Your Garden For Mars In Virgo

"mars in virgo 2011"

So I’ve started going to the gym. My first week. And I’ve been tweeting all these Mars in Virgo tweets about the gym: little thoughts about the sights or smells from a Virgo headspace because I have Moon and Pluto conjunct in Virgo.

And today I started to wonder if it was becoming an obsession. Already. Now Mars in Virgo is nowhere near my Moon and Pluto yet but I started to wonder if it…

Moon Pluto obsesses. 

We also have a Grand Trine in Earth signs happening now. The body is the body is the body is the spirit in the body.

And I thought to myself: self! This is the missing link. I’ve been doing all this third-eye work, this psychic work, astrology and tarot, Virgo-mind work, Pisces-flow work but what was missing was rabid attention to the body: Mars in Virgo. Woof.

And I thought to myself, while on the treadmill: self! Going to the gym is spiritual! I had put my hand over my heart. Was feeling it beat. Was thinking about my “beats per minute” and wondering if the thing on the machine was broken… and I was feeling my heart. My heart. Do you ever do this?  I find it extraordinary. That I’m alive and in this miraculous body… on this funny machine… and talking to all these new people…

So here’s my Mars in Virgo message for today: tend your body as you tend your spirit. Tend your spirit as you tend your body. Tend. Tender. If you smoke? Smoke lovingly. If you run? Bless your legs.

Whose world is this? Yours and yours and yours.

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