Tell Your South Node To Shove It!

"south node in the 12th house"There are many different ways to approach Astrology Readings.

People often have questions in mind but one thing I love to do is give impressions. I only do this if someone asks of course. I don’t want to inflict my Mercury trine Neptune poet’s soul on anyone without asking. (Although it probably leaks out anyway.)

And of course my Virgo planets always break through the poetry. I try not to tell you what I think/feel is best but…

And I was just looking at a chart and started thinking shuffleboard!

That this person, with his South Node in the 12th needed to, as in shuffleboard, push that heavy disc over to the 6th House, out of the dark, into the light! Just shove it! But it takes conscious effort. Sentience.

It’s the same for all of us, this crossing. From the murk of the South Node where we are comfortably uncomfortable  to the WHO we are meant to be 🙂

Love, MP

This music will help you get moving Nicole Moudaber – 17 Kisses