Teaching Astrology And The Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer 2012"
full moon in cancer

As the Moon in Cancer heads to Full, I want to ask you where you feel Full in your life. Where you have enough. Nourished, nurtured, fed, fed from the breast. The milk of life!

And, then, conversely, where you feel lack. Find your Cancer/Capricorn axis and go from there. Put it together. Your puzzle. Your life. Right?

Something’s gonna finish in that Cancer House of yours. Something’s gonna result. Culminate. More light than usual. More insight. More understanding. Just… MORE.

Or it may not be a “finish” or an “end” but a… FINALLY!


On another but related topic: tonight I had my first student (first student since I was an English teacher a zillion years ago). It was fairly informal chart-reading tips and tricks and stuff and insight and conversation (and food!) and it was a lot of fun for many reasons.

But I swear when I start tuning in… to someone… in person… it’s just a very intense energy. Not that I was intending to tune-in because we were looking at her friend’s chart but I couldn’t help it!

Doing readings by email circumvents this intensity but if I am going to start doing more of this in person this year, I’ll have to figure out how to manage it. Should be… interesting.

Are you feeling the Full Moon this evening? 


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