Taurus Season Realness: Tarot This Week

I’ll blog the Astrology later today. First, some Tarot for your week ahead.

We’re in the in between days. In between the eclipses!

Catch your breath and hmmmm the Osho Zen deck is serving up Taurus realness with the 9 of Water, LAZINESS (yes, that really is the name of the card).  I did say catch your breath, didn’t I?

And I was just tempted to pull one Osho but feel the call for one more:

Maturity, Ace of Rainbows. I love what the booklet has to say about the Rainbow in general “bridge of heaven and earth, spiritual + manifest, full spectrum of possibilities.”

Got it? Taking it easy is okay for the moment but know that there’s… STUFF going on under the surface. Also, this is a card of springtime (Taurus!), flowers cover the figure’s face. The gist of this card: you simply cannot make a wrong move at this time. Whichever way you turn: RAINBOW. “Hard work well done.” Forget catch your breath. Gives us 1000 deep exhales. Exhale the poison.

The little booklet has a more negative spin on LAZINESS that I feel here. True, you aren’t done yet but you’ve grown. Oh yes you’ve grown.

Ready for the week ahead? 

Love, MP


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