Taurus Season And The Passion Of X

"full moon in scorpio"

X is a querent who came to me for a reading and what resulted from the reading was passion. Finding it. Where was it hiding?


I primarily looked at some of her outer planet transits, the ones that spoke to me. Yup, on the angles or heading there.

1st House: you. 7th House: other. 10th House: you in the world. 4th House: you at home. And that’s just a starter. Chicken wings and crispy shrimp.



I have a Taurus friend who… for as long as I’ve known him, he’s felt passionless. He drifts. He gets depressed. And then I have another Taurus friend who has his passion but stays rooted to a well-worn groove that keeps him broke. He also gets depressed.

I’m not saying that earthy signs are doomed to depression but earth can be tree and grow older and up but not spread out, like fire. Earth needs fire. Many Taurus have Aries planets and this is their light.


Here’s a meditation, a visualization for you, if you feel stuck during Taurus season. If you’ve sunk your hooves in and you can’t move. Whether it’s physical or mental or spiritual, all of the above. Indecision. Weighty matters. Life and death. Grief.

Set fire to the tree but the let the fire burn away only your resistance to your best change. And let the fire leave behind (yes, this is a very magic fire) your core, your core desire. And your fate.

And you can do this mediation more than once. You can do it for more than one tree.


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