Taurus Season ALREADY? #teamempress

"venus sextile uranus"

So the New Moon has come and gone. 

Venus square Neptune.
Moon in Taurus.
A good day for romance if that’s what you’re seeking.
But the word MESMERIZE came up in a reading today and I had seen the Seven of Cups for this one couple and that made a lot of sense.

My point: Venus square Neptune IS mesmerizing. It is not stable. It is… not real. It’s a beautiful dream. Which is nice. Or devastating. Depending.

Tomorrow: write a poem. Don’t get married 😉

Next Week: is it just me but I feel like ARIES SEASON has gone on forever and yet I’m surprised the Sun enters Taurus on Monday YES MONDAY.

It’s a busy week actually–

We are under a:

Mercury Jupiter square (Taurus/Leo, which feels like an ego battle to me so choose yours wisely!)
Mars Mercury Pluto trine (Taurus/Capricorn, slow and steady WINS)
Venus Jupiter sextile (this one is super fun are you kidding? GEMINI/LEO FUN)

Of course I must remind you to check your Houses, because there’s where the action is, particularly TAURUS action (9th House for me).

Over the weekend we have a Venus Uranus sextile. Venus is love and money and Uranus is “expect the unexpected.” Sextiles aren’t trines though. They require your attention/elbow grease so I suggest you pay attention and get ready to DO something about that sudden surprising opportunity.

I like this week. I think there’s enough good and interesting to offset sensitive Moon in Cancer feels.


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