Taurus In The 9th House

Where is Taurus Season for you?

In what house (of your chart) primarily?

I love the in between places: airports, filling stations, convenience stores… places where people are en route, not staying, not forever, in progress. The traveler.

Taurus Season means 9th House for me and I don’t have any trips planned. Yet.

The 9th isn’t just travel though. It’s the House of God as well as organized religion. It’s publishing, broadcasting, associated with Sagittarius and Jupiter, your philosophy of life. The Teacher.

I have Saturn in the 9th.

42 years old now, I do feel less limited (Saturn!) than I used to. I remember a friend telling me, a LONG long time ago, when I was first becoming religious — not that I am anymore — “It was always there for you.”

Some other 9th House keywords: travel agents, ambassadors, what you believe, ceremonies, higher education, college, courts of law, foreign countries, devotion, exploration and explorers, immigration, imports, ideals, horses, religious FAITH, your outlook, higher mind, metaphysics, legal affairs, lawyers, long journeys, parades, philosophy, prophecy and prophets, preachers, prayer, rituals, spirituality, abstract thinking, trade, virtue, visions…

I bet y’all forget that the 9th is such a spiritual house, right? We often give that to the 12th but do remember that Jupiter ruled both Pisces *and* Sagittarius.

We must live, we must experience, the house where the Sun is transiting, where the faster planets are transiting. These energies can soothe us, energize us (or aggravate us!) and more than ever this is the case because yesterday’s eclipse and the next one are Scorpio/Taurus axis.

The 3rd eclipse will be in Sagittarius (the sign that follows Scorpio) and there is a progression, there is a connection — y’all just need to decode it. What do your Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius houses have in common?

The Sun, Mars, and Venus are in Taurus now. Mercury still in Aries but soon enough. Live from that sector of your chart and you’ll see what the gods want you to see. Hush your mind, open your eyes.


Love, MP


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