Tattoos For The Sun In Aries? For Mars Direct?

"new moon in aries"

My mind is a sieve today.

I have to write everything down or I forget. That’s not so unusual for me but… someone in the comments was talking about getting a Pluto tattoo and I think about tattoos a lot. That I don’t have any. That I think about getting some. That I’d love my arms covered in them. Yeah I’m the right age for it. Over 40! It’s time!

I always wanted tattoos in Hebrew but I may never get a single one. Or I may get covered. I just don’t know. I have fainted at the sight of my own blood.

And I thought to myself: how perfect to be considering tattoos when the Sun is about to enter Mars ruled Aries! And Mars is currently retrograde and…  hmm.. maybe best to wait for Mars in Scorpio which will follow Mars in Libra although maybe Libra would be the better choice? Pretty tattoos 🙂

More Mars keywords: hawks, guards, haste, blood, needles, pine trees, piercing, policemen!

And tattoos? On me? Totally badass. And I can say that because I am as untrendy and unhip as the come. Hell, I listen NOW to all the music I hated when I was a kid! Now that I’m old 😉

So think about setting a Sun in Aries intention. An intention that has to do with a Mars or Aries keyword, whether it involves tattoos or not. And make haste!


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