Tarot Weekend Forecast

"uranus square pluto"

I’m going to draw a few cards for the weekend but first some astro deets:

On Saturday the Sun in Cancer is trine Neptune which is a groovy dreamy artistic aspect. Perfect for a spiritual escape. Lie on the beach with your music and the sound of the waves in the background.

On Sunday, the Uranus Pluto square is exact down to the toenails.

The Moon is in shiny Leo almost all of Saturday (until evening, EST) and then void of course overnight and Moon enters meticulous Virgo in the morning on Sunday.

And even though the spread I’m about to do begins with the weekend, think of it as:

how you should take care of yourself in the coming days when Saturn goes direct, Venus goes direct, Mercury enters Leo…

Yes, folks! Next week will give you that FINALLY!!! feeling.

But start here. Start here meaning begin. “The desire to imagine the future.”

That’s a line from a Jorie Graham poem (who was a teacher of mine once upon a time.) I think I’ll be talking about poetry more and more in the coming days. I was always a poet (and have the MFA to prove it, ha!) no matter what other writing I was doing.


The View from the Cards:

Focusing on, asking, what do we need to know for this weekend and heading into next week, what will help, what will soothe, from where will our strength come, on what should we rely…

Let’s see… Drumroll please!

(Which reminds me: you know what guys? I want to create my OWN Oracle deck EVEN IF I have to do it myself for the time being with homemade flashcards!)


Oh. VERY interesting. Okay.

This weekend and early next week is not a time for doing necessarily or for finishing touches, but a time for pondering, considering, sitting, and that plans or ideas that have been cooking in the oven, get more ready. NO burned roasts here.

Tap into your sensitivity and intuition. And spend time around sensitive and gentle souls (if you are planning to be social). Avoid human triggers, you know? Anyone who sets you off. Be gentle with yourself and be gentle with others. That’s thing no. 1 How it’s perfectly fine, it’s more than fine, to coast this weekend and if you can’t coast physically because you are working and by coast I mean take some of the pressure off, look to the heavens for help. You don’t have to do it alone. Rely on spirit: Sun trine Neptune. Mercury in Cancer.

This energy is gentle.

Thing 2:

It’s been a LONG LONG road to this point. You have practically been tearing your hair out for months and you think that nobody knows it. You don’t want to admit it. And you don’t have to. You don’t have to talk about it but turn on the light. Let the fear scatter like crumbs you throw to the birds. They swoop down to carry the crumbs away. Do that with your fear. Bless it first. Cleanse it. Remove the disease. Then feed it to the birds. Let it become part of the next phase, but altered.

Thing 3:

Ponder, yes. Consider. Go slow. Make lists. This is an “8” card here, which matches Venus at 8 degrees and Uranus at 8 degrees and Pluto at 8 degrees. This is a card of wisdom, of maturity, of thoughtfulness, steadiness. This is your approach to the weekend and next week no matter the slings and arrows of bullshit that come your way 😉 You have a divine purpose. It is always unfolding. We get keys and clues but rarely the whole story. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be. You’re not supposed to know EVERYTHING.

Thing 4:

I remember telling someone this recently: find a peak. Tall building, small mountain. Some PLACE where you are elevated. Get your perspective back because your emotions have been off the rails. I believe next week will bring this perspective-energy automatically, but good for you to set the intention. And if you have no peak to climb, just go somewhere different. A different intersection, a different ocean, a different place in your mind although I do recommend a physical location and bring paper and pen.

I don’t know what you need to write down. But you *will* need to write it down. Do it! Jupiter in Gemini = spoken words, written words and lots of ’em!

What are you feeling?

Love, MP

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