Tarot Today: Seven Of Wands!

Cancer is the I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT sign. Moods. We are ruled by them.

And I just don’t feeeel like blogging about today’s Full Moon in Pisces (which everyone is reporting feels heavy heavy heavy) or Pluto going direct (tomorrow) or Saturn sextile Pluto.

I want to write about a Tarot card I pulled today. I’m random like that 🙂

I asked the cards what the Universe wanted me to know, a fairly common question to start the day or end the day or any old time you DARE shuffle and cut, all the while knowing you could see, um, THE TOWER or DEATH or JUDGEMENT. I love the Judgement card by the way, but before bed? Nah. Despite the nudity 😉

So I got two sweet cards right off the bat, two sweet sixes and then I pulled the SEVEN OF WANDS, a dude I see fairly often and this card is named VALOR (by Crowley) and suggests overcoming the obstacles but of course if we are overcoming then… that means THEY ARE THERE. Seven of them, at least.

And then I thought to myself: hmm, Self, are you sure? Are you sure this card isn’t telling you to CHILL? I know I know it’s not the 4 of Swords but sometimes when I see the 7 of Wands I feel that… I’m fighting a battle that I don’t really have to. Am I sure those Wands are after me? Opposing me? Enemy-ing me?

He does look worried in his green tunic, doesn’t he? He’s surrounded on all sides but… Wait. Behind him is the pale blue sky and–

You know what? He can walk away. Put down his weapon and walk away.

What cards are you seeing? 

Love, MP



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