Tarot Time! Which Queen Are You Today?

"the chariot"

Spooky spooky spooky!ย 

I was going to start this post by first talking about my NEED to write. Not just a want to write but a need to write first thing in the morning, to blog, to visit you guys here.

And I was going to talk about daily routines and the 6th House but then I remembered that I talked about the 1st House yesterday so instead I decided to be NORMAL (ha!) and talk about the 2nd House, go around the wheel, like a normal girl ๐Ÿ™‚ (See my next post for this.)

BUT then I noticed a few Tarot cards (from a deck I don’t read from but like the art) on my little altar and I shuffled through them, they are open face, 5 or 6 cards that I like to gaze at and I chose one that appealed to me in this moment to represent… the energy I needed for the day. Guidance.

AND THEN I decided to shuffle my usual deck and pull three cards for the day. “Official” because this is the “real” deck I use.

And guess what? The first card I picked at random was indeed the card from my altar that drew me in.

The Queen of Wands.

What does the Queen of Wands mean to you?

The court cards are controversial in readings — Tarot books say it could be an actual person, it could be a quality you need to embody. It could be a quality you have too much of. It could be an an event befitting a Queen. Like with all the cards, depends on the context but the court meanings, they are, are more slippery.

I then got the Chariot. Intense right? And then the 4 of Swords.

This little reading is reminding me that I need to remember that I am the Queen. Of my life. And that things are fine. Things are *more* than fine, no matter how I may feel today, under the light of this morning’s Virgo Full Moon. ย The Moon rules fluctuations. The Moon rules moods. Things change.

And that today I need to be more 4 of Swords and less Chariot. I don’t need to try so damn hard. I can rest. I can relax. I will make time to meditate today. I will do my readings patiently and with love. (I reread what I’ve written here and I still feel the tightness of the Chariot not wanting to give up trying to direct the day.)

Now the Chariot is not a bad card, but there’s a lot of energy involved, a lot of drive, steering energy, desire to control. ย And the Chariot wants to assure me I will be successful. But it’s okay to stop (4 of Swords). It’s okay to rest. More than okay. Take breaks before the Chariot overturns and becomes the 10 of Swords ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let the day now begin. May you, and I, have dominion, authority, over the day, like the Queen of Wands with a kitty cat as companion ย (as per this image from the Rider Waite deck).

Lions decorate her throne. I have Venus in Leo ๐Ÿ™‚ This Queen is proud. Yesterday I was talking about pride… Hmm… And she is said to be strong, confident, and… cheerful. That’s an interesting one. Cheerful. I am taking this to also mean optimistic but the optimism that comes from the fire of faith. Cheerfulness feels a little far from me at the moment.

Perhaps cheerfulness will return is the message from this Queen.

And interesting to me that two of my three cards have animals in them.ย More guidance: today I will take extra care to be mindful of the animals in my life.

So, yes, let the day begin. One more blog post to write and then I’ll start my readings…

Do you pull guidance cards for the day?ย 


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