Tarot Thoughts & A Scorpio Season Preview

A gal in one of the chat rooms today pulled the Three of Swords for herself and I said to her:

Notice how you add or subtract from the Three of Swords. S

he asked me what I meant and I said REFRAME. I know this was the card you pulled and thus you are feeling it. And we feel what we feel, but then what? We can add to the story or subtract from the story or reframe. You don’t have to marry the loss.

And then it got interesting 🙂

Adding and subtracting, I said. If you add ONE, you get the 4 of Swords. Rest.

And if you subtract ONE, you get the 2 of Swords: she’s not 100% sure but she’s solid. She’s okay with that. 


Other things on my mind: the idea of this year’s Scorpio Season as SOUL RETRIEVAL. I am just beginning to delve into shamanism and soul retrieval and mildly obsessed 🙂

Venus (what you value) is already in passionate Scorpio.

Mercury (your mind) enters Scorpio at the end of the month. Goes retrograde in October.

Venus is already trine Neptune and will trine Chiron and Jupiter. Your passion is supported. Venus will conjoin Saturn (the teacher!) and the North Node (who you must become).

What I think you should do with this energy: commit to what you value most. I think you have a chance here to… abandon what, to you, is meaningless and to kidnap your desire.

What does your soul WANT most? No way to know unless you are whole. That’s the soul retrieval part.

Scorpio Season can be the journey itself for you STARTING NOW with Venus there. The rescuing. The rescuing of who you truly are. The coming back together of YOU and then it fans out into… the rest of your life. And hell’s bells, Mercury was the messenger! Back and forth between the living world and the dead world AND Mercury will be going retrograde in the sign of penetration and REBIRTH.

Are you feeling this? More to come as my obsession grows 🙂

Love, MP


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