Tarot Talk: You Are The Death Card

I was getting a little nervous because I kept seeing the Death card.

And not just any Death card — but the Death card over and over in certain positions of certain spreads as well as some astrological hints, in the form of Saturn and… I was getting a little nervous.

I didn’t know what it was about, and NO all the usual keywords were not enough. It’s change! It’s transformation! It’s an end!  And a beginning! It’s NOT A LITERAL DEATH. Or maybe it fucking IS.

So I consulted my guides — human and ethereal — and I got some insight BUT STILL… something remained OPEN in me. The question remained open, like a ticket. An open ticket when your website isn’t working properly and you are waiting for the call back team!

AND THEN THE OTHER NIGHT WHEN I COULD NOT SLEEP I HAD AN INSIGHT about the Death card showing up in my life at this time because I thought it was X. And then I thought it was Y. And then Z. And then I WOKE UP TO THE FACT THAT I AM THE DEATH CARD AND I HAVE TO CHANGE. 

See, I was looking at everyone and everything… but me.

That’s ME in the mirror (I wrote to myself). I have to change. I have to die – metaphorically speaking 🙂 It’s ME.

I wanted to address someone I had a reading with this evening. I don’t even know if she reads my blog but she, like many Aries Rising, has Mars transiting her 7th House now — and until summer 2014.

The MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do, for yourself, and for your relationships in 2014 is to make a CHOICE. Not outsource your choice. Not reflect the desires of others. Not create chaos. Not create NO CHOICE situations, where secrets come out and thus you are forced into this way or that way. But instead — BEFORE THAT POINT of no return (and this gal has Pluto in her 7th as well and a Scorpio Moon so you know it ain’t easy for her!)

Maybe she too needs to see Death on his white horse raising the banner and heralding CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE *and* die.

This is not drama. This is not dramarama. This is real life! The Tarot is real life! It is showing us what we need to know, always. But what we need to know is often below below below below and then a little more below the surface.

What cards are YOU seeing? 

Love, MP


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