Tarot Talk: What Is The Fourth Cup?

Lately, when I do Tarot readings for myself, which I have been doing more and more, I do research at the same time.

I start thumbing through these Tarot books that I never read much of (except for a couple of them) and today one of my three cards was the Four of Cups and right away I went to my old favorite little book and found my own notes and also great insight from the author, Juliet Sharman Burke.

After reading, after thinking, after writing, I came away with this question: What is the Fourth Cup?

Because the boy in the picture is being offered something but his arms are crossed. His legs are crossed. He sits at a distance from the three cups he has, not paying attention to (on purpose or not) Cup #4 which is offered to him by a MAGICAL HAND FROM A CLOUD! How could you not pay attention to that? Only in Tarotland šŸ˜‰

This card says “reassess.” This card says look over here. This card says open your eyes, pay attention, look around. WAKE UP! What are you refusing and why? And what oh what is this Fourth Cup?

You may not know yet, and that’s okay. For the moment. Just be aware… of the sound of your life shrinking.

Just kidding. Seriously, when you see this card, think about taking hold of the cup.


Edited to add: 4 of Cups = stop refusing the mothering of others


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