Tarot ‘Scopes For The New Moon In Libra

"new moon in libra"I’m going to draw one card for each sign, and your homework 🙂  is to find where the New Moon will fall in your natal chart…

Aries: keep going! You tend to do that anyway but the Universe is on your side with recent decisions made. The course you are on now is CORRECT. Banish doubt. It will work out. Giddy-up! Knight of Wands.

Taurus: you haven’t chosen your course yet. That’s the problem. Oh Taurus, moving slowly. If only you could believe in yourself you could, would, manifest the 4 of Wands I see here. Your future is waving at you, welcoming you. What will it take?

Gemini: sweet Gemini. I can see you’ve been suffering when I see this card. I’m sorry. The good news is good though 🙂 You’re crossing the river and waiting on the other side is… you. You have everything you need in the little boat. All aboard!  6 of Swords.

Cancer: damn, Cancer. You’re lost something. You’ve lost it for good. This truth is hard to carry. There’s nothing you can do. Some cuts are irreparable. Now turn and don’t look back. Five of Swords.

Leo:  happy 10 of Cups, my dear Leo. You did it. One portion is complete. Allow celebration. Allow joy. It is REAL. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? I see satisfaction, I see dancing, but why do you not permit it?

Virgo: working hard as always. Your foes (within and without) are not as many as you fear. You’ll get it done. You always do. I would think about getting a reality-check if I were you. Your vision has narrowed. Look up at the sky and for goodness sake stop scowling. 7 of Wands.

Libra: happy 10 of Pentacles, my dear Libra. Finally. Saturn has left your sign. Gather your loved ones around you. For the last 2 and 1/2 years, they ceased to recognize you, but now you are free to be happy again. They are there and they are waiting. Give your ancestors a kiss.

Scorpio: typical Scorpio, right? 9 of Wands. Wounded Warrior. Still standing. Barely. I almost want to tell you to move on, but I stop myself. I think you should stop yourself too. Saturn will force a hesitation anyway so live with this sky. Don’t force it. You don’t have to. Wait. Waiting is not the same as weakness.

Sagittarius: only one court card in this bunch and it’s for you, little horse. Queen of Pentacles. Is she helping you? Or do you need to be her? Probably some of both. This sensible woman is offering you practical help. Just what a Sag needs 😉 For once, try to listen. And yes, my dear, I believe this is a money card.

Capricorn: you, my goaty friend, are at the birth. Ace of Wands. New project. New development. New game. New love. Inspired and enthused. You aren’t used to feeling this… light. Heavenly spark. Hold it tightly in your hands.

Aquarius: my sweet space creature 🙂 6 of Cups nostalgia is here. Sweetness. Something or someone from the past has come back to see you. It reminds me of childhood, when my mother would pick me up in the  middle of the school day to do something fun. Something fun is coming your way and it makes your heart ring.

Pisces: bravery, my mystic!  You are The Fool on the New Moon but never foolish. Jupiter-infused, you are ready for your next leap and there’s someone by your side, if you want it. The adventure is yours though. Will you? Can you? Dare you? I think you should. Saturn is trining you. Your dreams have become real.



Info about Readings is here! And yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Libra.

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