Tarot Forecast for SAGITTARIUS 2016

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Maybe you missed a class that you wanted to take or you prefer 1:1 interaction, whatever the reason – I am again taking Tarot and Astrology students so let’s talk. For the last year or so it was all about the classes. Now I want to return to individual instruction and mentoring. I’m happy to be doing this again!
You tell me what you want to learn. I’ll tell you what I have to teach. We’ll combine forces, create the lesson plan together.
My Reading bundles (consultations) are $340 for 4 hours.
That’s the least expensive one. I have three to choose from.
But my Teaching bundles are $340 for 6 hours. Yes it is less expensive because I’m not doing readings/psychic work although I am happy to look at your chart to see your aptitude for this metaphysical stuff πŸ™‚ and yes I’m pretty much a witch coach whatever I do.
Message me. Moonpluto@gmail

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