Tarot For Your Weekend: All Hell Not Breaking Loose

"pluto opposition sun by transit"“Been trying hard not to get into trouble but I got a war in my mind.”
Lana Del Rey

A home isn’t just the house itself, the frame, or even what goes on inside your door.

It’s also right outside your door. Your neighbors (if you have them). The street. The street across the street. The stores or businesses surrounding. The air. Molten concrete or downy grass. The people who walk up and down your life each day, drunk, stupid, in pain, laughing, perfect, illuminated whatever whoever they are šŸ™‚

Home is not just the room you sleep in or eat in or mope in (hello Sun in Cancer). Trees or lack of them. Stars at night. Gritty. Serene. Maybe gritty IS your serene!


And now back to our regular scheduled blog postā€¦

This evening I spent a couple hours doing my change of address. Not just the Post Office but credit cards (on-line and phone calls) and then a list of everything elseā€¦ paperless billing, cell phone, the bank, and more. The details didn’t stop, which is perfect for the Moon being in Virgo. We handle it better. Virgo supports this stuff. Also scheduled moving day, made a list of items to be moved even though it’s not all packed yet. Did I mention the Moon is in Virgo? It’s a lot to manage. See, moving isn’t just an emotional process, upheaval, it’s a deeply practical process. EARTH. Details. Lists. Intricate. Getting shit done. FAITH IS NEEDED. Faith is needed to get up each day to pack up your life. To throw away pieces of your life. To pack up your life. I bought a paper shredder.

Guidance for you now for the rest of the week from the Tarot (keeping in mind the Sun Pluto opposition in orb now but not exact and that you should do no harm do no harm do no harm, NOT make things worse, TRY not to make things worse and if you do, apologize):

Six of Wands! Well hello I just pulled this card for someone, shuffled, and here he is again.

What’s the advice you ask?

Just ride.