Tarot For Your Week!

"uranus square pluto"I am going to draw a few cards for the week ahead, what to focus on. Keep in mind:

Mercury enters Libra tonight. We begin transitioning from single Virgo to married Libra. Other people matter

Pluto goes direct on Tuesday. What is moving forward again?

Uranus square Pluto (exact) on Wednesday: liberation vs. destruction. What’s the difference?

Mercury opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus on Thursday: your thinking right now is not, shall we say, entirely stable. Venus also sextiles Jupiter this day: reach out for company and comfort despite the stresses.

Sun entering Libra this weekend. Got balance?


Drawing cards for guidance:

Lessons, lessons, lessons. How many lessons can we possibly absorb at one time. And what keeps us from learning them? What keeps us from moving forward? Why do the same issues recur? When will we learn and be DONE with it? 😉

1. You have skills. You have magic. To make things grow. To make things beautiful. Fate is at work here but… participate in your life.

2. The mood is one of hurrying. Fix this, fix that as we move from Virgo to Libra. Just notice it. You don’t have to gallop off.

3. Another card of sitting still. The mood, the energy is rush rush rush but you gain by 1. acting skillful 2. taking a chill pill

Get it?

This week you may feel tempted to… cling, overanalyze, subvert, lash out, jump ship, swing from vine to vine, hollering to the holy heavens. I don’t know how it will play out for you but I assume you are feeling… what?

One more card for the final word here: you have options. Lots of them. It doesn’t have to be confusion or confusing. Spread this stuff out. Like Tarot cards on the table. And just look.

Love, MP

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