Tarot For Venus Direct

"9 of pentacles"Venus goes direct this Wednesday, Big City time.

What does this mean for your life?

Now of course your chart is different than my chart so it’s not one-size fits all but I enjoy tuning in to the collective. It’s fun!

Let’s draw a few cards for your love life now and what Venus in Gemini, direct, will have to say to you:

And by the way, I am not drawing Past, Present, Future although it may turn out that way. I am going to draw one card to represent the Whole and then three supporting cards…


You and your love life now:

I am going to say something very radical. Here it is: you have everything you need. Look no further. Whether you are alone or involved or in transit or confused or beyond belief or happily married or recently heartbroken or recently married or recently in love: you have everything you need RIGHT NOW. Look around.

Now 3 more…

The fear will abate. And you have been afraid. Understatement of the century. You have lain awake in bed at night with your head in your hands (you know what card this is, right?) crying out to your god, to the Universe, to any spirit life who would listen and help.

All that is changing but what you must do is this: pick up that sword. Not to cut yourself. Not to cut anyone else. But to hold it. Next to you. Stay strong. Fierce. The heart is a resilient muscle. Your independence of spirit, your clarity, your beauty, the life you are creating. All of it.

Some day you will look back on all this tumult and not laugh but you will count the stones, the bricks, all the roads to this place. You will turn around, you will look back. Sometimes wondering how you got here but grateful. Content.

So often this year you wondered: when will it be my time? Dear friend, it is coming.

Love, MP

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