Tarot For The New Moon In Pisces

"new moon in pisces"

The Moon is in late Sagittarius and you know what comes after Sagittarius, right?

Capricorn! And you know what sign Pluto is in now, right?

That’s right — Capricorn!

(Dear God I sound like one of Saturn’s cheerleaders.)

And this means we’ll get a Moon Pluto conjunction tomorrow afternoon, NYC time.

And whenever the Moon comes around to sit on Pluto I consider it a personal New Moon because I share this aspect even though my Moon Pluto is in Virgo.

The Moon on everyone’s mind though is next week’s New Moon in Pisces in the early degrees. The Sun will be there by then of course. Mercury has already joined the fishy sign. And of course slow moving Neptune and Chiron.

Wherever early Pisces is in your chart is where you can expect… well? What can you expect from a New Moon in the sign of the psychic, the mystic.

Illuminations? Ghosts? Planting spiritual seeds? Spiritual trees? Will you become more… at peace, yes, at peace in the early Pisces part of your chart. (I wrote those words and I thought: sounds good to me! I’ll take it!)

I am getting in the habit lately of drawing a Tarot card or two in some of my blog posts so let’s see what the message is from me to you about this New Moon…

Okay here we go: my forecast for the New Moon in Pisces

This is a time of tremendous change in your life. It may feel like a death but it’s a “good death” as they say. And when the old life finally falls away, you’ll have so many choices, options, it could be dizzying. Will there be a final answer? Yes. There will. And the answer has to do with your foundations, your security — strengthening it. You are this strength and you must surround yourself with people who embody this strength. Get strong, get real strong, and… the world is yours. 

What’s the Pisces part? Have faith in your ability to 1. move on and 2. get better

Does this Tarot ring true for you? What are your New Moon in Pisces thoughts? 


Yes, I am doing Mini Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces!


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