Tarot For The New Moon In Capricorn + MoonPluto LifeCoaching WitchCoaching

"new moon in capricorn" First, business:
all readings this month are $65 and yes you can buy in bulk. Readings bundles are still available as are Teaching bundles. I am taking new clients for astrology and tarot learning — which is MoonPluto LifeCoaching, WitchCoaching, although those are just two of our tools. We may also discuss spell crafting, herbs, altars, and other matters of the heart and spirit).


Yesterday in one of the chat rooms, a gal posted a New Moon in Capricorn layout and that inspired me! I hadn’t created one in a long time so I did!

I don’t have a name for it 🙂 you can name it if you want 🙂 but you’ll see I did it with SATURN (Capricorn) in mind:

new mooCard One:
this is your True Work in this lifetime, no matter your JOB.

Card Two:
this is the work that is passing out of your life now. Lesson Learned.

Card Three:
this is a special skill you have. You bring it to your True Work.

Card Four:
you have a responsibility to do THIS (may or may not be job related).

Card Five:
set your New Moon intentions around THESE matters. They need your attention and improvement and WORK 🙂

New Moon: Saturday January 9th. 19 degrees Capricorn.