Tarot For The Full Moon In Libra

I haven’t written about the Full Moon in Libra yet, right?

Mercury goes direct tomorrow, I don’t remember πŸ˜‰

Nobody likes this Full Moon and all her cranky aspects – (6 degrees Libra) – on Β March 27th.

The Full Moon will oppose the Sun, Venus, Uranus, and Mars in Aries but also TRINE Jupiter in Gemini. Those degrees are not too high for me, although some astrologers may not include Mars or Jupiter in the mix here. I have to πŸ™‚

There’s also a square to Herr Pluto and inconjunct(s)to Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron in Pisces. It’s a little much.

Libra rules indecision πŸ˜‰ What will you do? About your so-called “problem” ? Is it really now or never?


Mystery Tarot for the Full Moon in Libra:

1. who you are now

2. who you will be

3. what’s next for you


My advice is to look for 6 degrees Libra in your natal chart (as well as in your progressed chart) and identify anything stressful or supportive, especially supportive, even — gasp — minor aspects!

This Full Moon trines my MC so it’s got me thinking. Trines are good but… it’s not as though I’ve been job hunting.

Sun, Venus, Uranus, Mars in Aries… which planetary energy will be emphasized in your life this day? Many of us will receive interesting surprising news. Offers. Anything could happen, wild, emotional and… someone’s going to be there, trying to keep the peace.

It’s a love and money Moon i.e. it’s Libra, Venus-ruled. Other people. Partnership. Cooperation. STRESSED cooperation. Confrontation. A stand-off. What will you do?

There is something happening across your Libra/Aries axis that is finally coming to light, coming home. Do you know what it is? Decision time!


I hold my breath sometimes when I draw my own cards. I get all sensitive if I’ve seen the Tower. But whew! No Tower today. And I drew these cards for me, not for the collective but I am sharing them anyway πŸ™‚ Just because. Feel free to share your own if you do this spread:

Who I am now: the Knight of Pentacles

Who I will be: the Two of Wands

What’s next for me: The Hierophant.

What’s next for you?Β 

Love, MP


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