Tarot for the Full Moon in Cancer!

Today’s Tarot 
2016 Capricorn Tarot-scope 
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ull Moon in Cancer is on December 25th, Xmas day. Uranus goes direct same day! Mercury Jupiter trine same day! VERY helpful aspect on a Cancer Full Moon! Capricorn trine Virgo is super grounded, solid, practical, and possibly busy. Four of Pentacles style. Solid in your seat. Sit tall. Lift the chin a little. Back arrow straight. And breathe.

Full Moon trine Neptune and inconjunct Saturn. Not a bad moon considering it’s CANCER the Emotional One. The orb to Saturn may be wide for some. Moon Saturn restricts the emotions but THEY ARE THERE, they do not get cancelled out, oh yes they are there, especially on a Full Moon. IN CANCER. Tears and beers. Nog? I don’t do Christmas (I’m just your friendly neighborhood Edgar Cayce loving Jewish Witch) although I love the lights. LOVE THE LIGHTS. And one Savior is as good as another. I’m open.

The Full Moon in Cancer asks:

Where is home? Are you at home? Who waits for you there?

All else is commentary.

Drawing from my new deck for you, ONE card for this heavenly event:

"full moon in cancer"
Eight of Wands
. You ready? Better be. Full Moons are FIRE whether or not they are in fire signs. The fire of KNOWLEDGE, revelation, culmination, news, TRUTH. I suspect you’ll know quite a bit more by December 26th. What to do and how to do it. And where to do it. And why. Uranus going direct is about as bright a light as it gets sky-wise at this time. No need to reflect. The answers come fast, furious, instant – over the course of this day. I predict! Watch for it. Listen for it. Open your eyes.