Tarot For Neems, Claire, And V. (Full Moon In Virgo)

I had promised a Tarot card to three people for the New Moon in Aquarius and I forgot (just like last time) so these cards are for the Full Moon in Virgo 🙂

Cards for Neens, Claire, and V.


We got all court cards here, people who need people 🙂

I see the Queen of Swords for Neems and I figure she is working through something painful. She is using her mind to do this holy work and I want to remind her to use her heart as well. Ah I remember she is Cancer Rising and Sagittarius Sun (I think) so she has that split built in. Overwhelming emotions and vulnerability followed by… do I really have to feel this?  

Pulling a second card for “advice” — 4 of Swords. You know what to do. Be still.


I remember my teacher calling the Page of Cups — for Claire — “new emotional attitudes.” I am wondering about a new venture for you, possibly a new relationship or a new way of doing an existing relationship. I am not totally sure who is doing the offering but it feels like a much needed fresh start. And then I pulled the Queen of Cups. This is you. Who you were. Who you are becoming.


V. is the Knight of Swords, hurrying, charging forward. I want to caution you though, make sure whatever you are defending, seeking, is worth it, worth your time, effort, energy. It’s almost as though… I am wondering if you are doing all the work. You are the brave one and you take charge but make sure this situation is fair and balanced. We also see the Queen of Wands here and I think it’s her style that suits you now. Passion, yes, but maturity too. No begging.

Happy (almost) Full Moon in Virgo 🙂


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