Tarot For Miss X (And Her Cardinal Grand Cross)

Who is Miss X? 

Miss X is the name I usually give to folks when I write a blog post just for them.

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Also, the name Miss X is a tribute to poet Raphael Alberti.
I learned of Alberti when I was taking poetry classes with Donald Justice, a million years ago 🙂

Brain, blood, and bone.
That’s my version of mind, spirit, body, a “typical” Tarot spread.

And these cards give me more questions than answers, Miss X.

Because at first I see overwhelming FEELING.
Feeling overwhelmed.
Feeling overwhelming.
Fantastical over the top bliss bliss.

And then I draw three more and it’s like the B-side to the A-side.
Upheaval, sadness, and running away.

I see a tightrope walker in my mind.
That’s you.
Precious balance.
Tilt to the right and you feel A-side.
Tilt to the left and you feel B-side.
Walk across, get to the other side, and what happens?

When I ask for advice, I get the Ten of Pentacles but I just have this nagging feeling…
that these cards of ultimate fulfillment, emotional or material are… trying to fool me, and you.
Trying to LULL me and you.

See, you can keep going as you’ve been going FOREVER but…

In the previous post I was talking about transiting Saturn conjunct your Neptune.

And what I also see is your natal Saturn in Aries caught up in the Cardinal Cross.
Uranus is ON IT and it’s exact.
You are breaking
You are breaking apart
Split down the middle
Side A.
Side B.
Status quo vs. The Great Mystery


I am an esoteric metaphysical poetic PRACTICAL astrologer for you and yours 🙂 and I feel your distress through the little glimpses you give me…

The answer:
I think you want this.
I think you *really* want this.
You want to walk down the middle

Am I right?

I was watching a bunch of self-help videos last night from a self-help guru and I want to bring you a couple words he kept using:


Just begin, Miss X.
Hatch a plan and begin.
You can choose Side-A
Or you can choose Side-B
Or you can keep walking


Love, MP