Tarot For Hard Times (more MoonPluto tarot spreads)

"jupiter square uranus"New Tarot spread alert!

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This is a simple three-card spread for difficult days, hard transits, when you feel at your wits’ end and you want guidance and either no one is around or they aren’t much help ūüėČ

You can lay out these cards in any order. I like vertical layouts these days. From bottom to top.

Card One: it hurts so much
Card Two: ¬†I don’t know what to do
Card Three: and I’m afraid

You pull one card in response to each of the three statements.
Each card shall be a balm for each of the three statements.
Pull an extra card if needed. But not too many, okay? Try to work with the original three.

How this spread originated: when I do email readings (astrology or tarot), I often write back to the client, in between the words of their email, pulling cards in response to their words, their phrases, their feelings.

Someone wrote me about a dying relationship and the feelings of uncertainty and loss: “Aliza, it hurts so much and I don’t know what to do and I’m afraid.

I pulled one card for each of those phrases.

You can substitute your own “crisis phrases” — the point is to‚Ķ begin a dialogue with yourself. And to RESPOND to yourself with caring wisdom.

I think this is a great spread to do whenever, anytime you feel the need. Keep track of your cards. Perhaps I should call it the MOTHER spread.

Otherwise, Moon’s in Virgo, people! Get back to work ūüôā

Love, MP

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