Tarot For Hard Times (more MoonPluto tarot spreads)

"jupiter square uranus"New Tarot spread alert!

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This is a simple three-card spread for difficult days, hard transits, when you feel at your wits’ end and you want guidance and either no one is around or they aren’t much help 😉

You can lay out these cards in any order. I like vertical layouts these days. From bottom to top.

Card One: it hurts so much
Card Two:  I don’t know what to do
Card Three: and I’m afraid

You pull one card in response to each of the three statements.
Each card shall be a balm for each of the three statements.
Pull an extra card if needed. But not too many, okay? Try to work with the original three.

How this spread originated: when I do email readings (astrology or tarot), I often write back to the client, in between the words of their email, pulling cards in response to their words, their phrases, their feelings.

Someone wrote me about a dying relationship and the feelings of uncertainty and loss: “Aliza, it hurts so much and I don’t know what to do and I’m afraid.

I pulled one card for each of those phrases.

You can substitute your own “crisis phrases” — the point is to… begin a dialogue with yourself. And to RESPOND to yourself with caring wisdom.

I think this is a great spread to do whenever, anytime you feel the need. Keep track of your cards. Perhaps I should call it the MOTHER spread.

Otherwise, Moon’s in Virgo, people! Get back to work 🙂

Love, MP

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