Tarot For Broken Hearts

"full moon in capricorn"In the last 24 hours talking to peeps with broken hearts or broken relationships and I noticed my Tarot post on the homepage is from last week! Figured I better check in with the cards. Let’s ask for some Wisdom.


Dear Tarot:  what do I do? He (or she) is gone and there’s too much space inside now. I’m a window and the wind blows through me. How do I fill the space? Should I fill it? Do I let it be? Please don’t tell me to breathe. Give me a cookie! To hell with the Full Moon!

Love, Heartbroken


Dear Heartbroken,

I’m sorry you are hurting. Here’s your cookie. Actually, 3 cookies: past, present, and future.

Past: the past is dead and gone. You thought he (she) was the one. Well, he’s not. Not in his present form anyway. Game over. Try again.

Present: sometimes your feelings steer you right and sometimes your feelings steer you wrong and the wisdom is knowing the difference. Your feelings are overwhelming on Full Moon day but you can choose whether to indulge them or to prune them back with super shiny shears.

Future: My favorite quote: accepting reality is not the same as judging it good. You have good magic. Use it.

And maybe part of your life purpose is about not settling down. Does that sound scary? How does it sound when I tell you that?  I know after wandering for so many years, your body is weary. You don’t want to be marked, like Cain. But please stop trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what you should be. People without partners are seen as deviant or lacking but it’s not true. Stop and ponder that… you are whole.

Love, MP

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