Tarot Cards For The New Moon In Leo (Next Week)

"new moon in leo"When I started my 7-Day Cleanse, I had hopes for letting something go and I am surprised actually at how effective it’s been with a minimum of effort. Sounds like a weight loss commercial and that’s exactly what it is 🙂

And what’s more, I got something I hadn’t planned for or expected: clarity. Frightening crystal clear clarity.

I started this week-long intention with intention! And hoping for the best. No elaborate rituals at all. Just, truly, the desire, and one evening in meditation I did a visualization to symbolize it all and during the week I kept it in mind or sometimes I forgot it and then I would remember and I would write here….

My point is: I didn’t sit 24/hours a day in lotus position to get somewhere. I didn’t eat any special foods or drink magic potions. No incantations, no spells, no candles even. It was simple.

To set an intention is a decision to make a change. Do you realize you have that power? Do you realize how powerful it is? And that you CAN do it? Every decision you make.

Today is day 6 and I have more clarity around this situation and that’s the irony. I wasn’t seeking more clarity, I was seeking freedom. I got both and honestly I’m a little shocked how clear things are now.

So, if you seek something similar… you can do it. It takes less effort than you realize but it does take sincerity and some consistency. And of course the awareness of what needs to go.

Oh and by the way, the clarity does include a RANGE of emotion including anger, disappointment, confusion, self-pity, relief… and more.



Next week is the New Moon In Leo and I am going to pull a few cards around it. I am pulling these cards with two purposes.

1. for the cards to speak to the release I’ve been doing and

2. the general meaning for you guys reading this now, which I am intending to be folks who read me regularly, who keep up with the blog although others may find this incidentally and it will apply to them as well–

And by the way, the Moon is in Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is the messenger 🙂 the information is always there, always. Just that sometimes it’s hidden.


The Cards:
You are looking behind, over your shoulder, but you don’t need to. You will for a little bit. You lost this war. You fought well but you lost. Not your fault though. Some situations you are no match for. Thing is… the truth of the situation was kept from you. Some others saw it but you didn’t. Pick up your swords and go home. There is much to be done at home. No more distraction. You didn’t fail. You got fooled. Others did too.

And right now even though you do have all this new clarity and sensitivity, it’s not so solid. The coming days will bring the challenge again. You’re feeling defensive, READY to defend. And, actually, you should. This card is telling me this is appropriate. Stand your ground. Mourn if you must. And realize that more information may come to light, shocking information.

Do I think you are going to be fine? Yes, absolutely. There may be a few aftershocks, bad days, but all my “outcome” cards here showed… you’re on your own now with this issue, exactly where you need to be. So turn your attention towards what you want to BRING IN. Manifestation. Cards are showing your skill here.

So let THAT be your New Moon ritual and intention. You spent almost 7 days releasing. With releasing comes receiving but you must, yup, intend to.

My advice is to wait a few days but the day *before* the New Moon, do a meditation and find your designated image (a visualization that will take you through the following 7 days). Make sure what you want is as clean and clear as what you wanted to let go of.

Any questions?

Love, MP

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