Tarot As A Psychic Tool

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A few years ago I started playing with Tarot cards and I have a strong memory of doing a reading for my sister and “knowing things” that I had no way to know. It was a reading about her cats 🙂

I put the cards away not long after that. I think I felt a little spooked.

I always included them when I did astrology readings here and there over the years but it wasn’t until I started blogging and doing readings regularly that I started doing Tarot regularly.

See, there was a time when I didn’t “get it.” I thought that the cards told the whole story and that we, as readers, explained the cards. Not that I even thought that much about it. I was just kinda fiddling around with it. (And I am simplifying for the sake of brevity.)

And then here I am doing Tarot and Tarot and more Tarot and I get an aha moment and telling a Tarot-reading friend how Tarot is a psychic tool and she pretty much says DUH to me.

I do have a favorite Tarot book for “keywords” and card meanings, basics, a book that resonates for me but beyond that? The cards take me places. (And yes, how you ask/phrase a question is sooooo important. These days I like working with really specific questions. It’s fun. It’s a challenge.)

And I realized later that I also read charts this way to some degree (and it was another Tarot reader who told me this). That I learned astrology, yes, and I keep learning, but I scan the chart like a Tarot card, and I come up with stuff and it may be a little different that what Astrologer Annie has to say. Or it may be exactly what Tarot-Reader Tanya has to say 😉

What is amazing to me though is when the cards themselves tell the story. For example, I am expecting a visitor and I got a card (*not* the one pictured to the left) to represent this person and it was positive, it was them on the move. Now, this could be my hope. Or this could be the reality. It felt like reality to me but this of course is one of the challenges of reading for oneself because one has everything at stake!

Do you have a favorite psychic tool? How do you view the Tarot? 

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