Tarot And Depression


One way you can begin to turn depression around is to stop hating yourself for how you feel or don’t feel…

But my point here is more specific. That there are times in life that call for passivity or receptivity and this came to mind as I was doing a Tarot reading for someone this morning.

It’s very simple really but hard to put into practice perhaps. There are times for action and times for waiting and waiting doesn’t necessarily mean “delay” in a bad way but that there is inner work to be done and you are doing it — but you must let go in order to do it. Not try to control the process, not even try to understand the process. It reminds me a little of my Virgo South Node which wants to control everything vs. my Pisces North Node which can let some air in.

But let’s say you wake up in the morning feeling down… your first reaction may be to wallow in bed all day. Or your first reaction may be to jump up and drown yourself in activity.

Another way is simply to slow down, no matter how busy your day ahead is, to slow down — and be passive. Wait. Accept. Prepare to receive and let that be your only preparation. Don’t try to make magic. Don’t try to create. Don’t be the Magician from the Tarot. Instead be the High Priestess.

There is mystery to your day, to all your days. If you start to approach your life like this… with less control and strangulation and more… wonder, even lightness… I think you will feel more free.

And this is a practice, like meditation. It’s not “do this one time and you are free” — at least that’s not how my life works.

I know depression is complex and serious. I’m not talking about balls-out suicidal depression here. I’m talking more about that vague feeling of… well, I’m not sure what to call it at the moment. Could be a combination of I don’t know what I need + lonely + tired + worry + doing too much and not feeling like you are receiving and you desperately want to receive, need someone under you, support.

The mind reacts habitually, often by pushing you into frenzied activity or concern for others (!!!) so you don’t have to feel… or into fantasy so you don’t have to feel… or into escapism/drinking/blocking so you don’t have to feel… always looking for solutions.

Just for today give up looking for the solution. Instead? Sit. Wait. You can continue to do what you need to do but adjust your approach to the day.

And let me know how it goes.


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