Talking With A Taurus While Mercury’s In Cancer

"mercury in cancer"

“Give the Universe a chance to find the solution to your so-called problem.” – Louise Hay


A friend just wrote me, happy that I reminded her about Mercury in Cancer. Said she’s been on the verge of tears since yesterday.

I know that feeling. It’s like… almost sneezing.

I like to sneeze loud and cry soft but SOMETIMES you need that moaning groaning kind of cry. I haven’t done one of those in a while. A cry from the kishkas 😉

With the end of Gemini Season around the corner, we’re in transition. Again.

While on a walk with my Taurus roommate this afternoon, I commented how much life can change in 6 months or a year. Or nothing can change, she said.

From effort, I added, sounding like a Capricorn and I am not a Capricorn. Not one planet in the sign. Saturn is transiting my 2nd House though, still squaring my Mars.

She was quiet and we changed the topic. Mayor Bloomberg was discussed as well as Public Library hours, the best places to find free books, my love life, her job hunt, and I forget what else now. Felt like a frozen moment. Could have been 5 years ago. But it wasn’t. Isn’t.

How do you like your Mercury? 

Love, MP

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