Talking Venus: What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

"Tarot Card Strength"
I love this card

Our lady Venus is in Virgo these days and, well, what do you think about that? Where’s your Virgo house? Are you beautifying what you find there?

The other thing on my mind is insecurity, self-esteem, fun stuff like that. These are also Venus topics. And I thought to myself: Self? what would make you feel more secure? What would make you see… your worth? Do we ever see our own worth? The Velvet Underground song “I’ll Be Your Mirror” comes to mind.

Transiting Saturn is touring my 2nd House, which is not only the earned income house, and the possession(s) house, Taurus’ domain, but the house of “self-worth” too. This isn’t “traditional” astrology as I understand it, but my teacher taught it this way.

So when I asked myself this question, about what would make me feel more secure or more worthy or more beautiful… I was surprised by the answer. The first thing that occurred to me wasn’t flawless skin or a heavenly body.  My answer was: if I could kill a man with my bare hands.

Once again, my version of beauty and worth has more to do with strength than… what we normally consider Venus. And my natal Venus in is Leo, the lion, fierce jaws, the king of the jungle, the beast, mastering the beast.

Venus is in Virgo now and Virgo thinks; Virgo is Mercury-ruled. So take your mind and your chart and your latte and your Cheerios and think about your Venus: what the fuck does she want anyway? Make her happy 🙂

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