Talking Dirty: Transiting Mars Square Pluto

"al pacino"
Talk dirty to me, Serpico! Al Pacino has Mars in Gemini

Transiting Mars in Gemini is squaring my Moon Pluto conjunction. And Mars, right now, by degree is sandwiched between the two of them and if you wanted to be nice you could say that he’s energizing the conjunction but the truth is that it’s an unholy threesome and guess who’s getting the DP?

Me. My Moon: feelings, moods, the body.

Now, I haven’t done a full length comparison but in terms of hard aspects, I prefer Mars in Gemini compared to Mars in Sagittarius (which will make my home hurt; it’s a 4th House transit) or Mars in Pisces (which will come at me; it’s a 7th House transit). Mars in Gemini squares my 1st House, my self, my soul, gives me the illusion of control. That I only have to deal with me. (Ha!)

Mars in Gemini gives me the energy to write about it. Mars square Moon makes it emotional. And Mars square Pluto is dirty, very dirty 😉 Are you an Al Pacino fan too?

What is Mars in Gemini doing to YOU? What do you WANT Mars in Gemini to do?

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