Tales from MoonPlutoLand: Your Emotions Do Not Need Fixing

"saturn in sagittarius" It’s really TWO topics that are on my mind this morning:

People who try to fix (the unsolicited advice givers) AND the emotional life of the Cancerian Crab.

Read on, my friends!


Rarely do I seek advice.

Let me explain:

If I WANT it, I ASK for it.

No hidden messages. No cries for help. No passivity. I make my desire known. If I want it, I ask.

And yet I get advice all the time.

I know part of it is that I…

write from emotion and people interpret that as… weak or meek or sad (not that there’s anything wrong with weak or meek and sad), needing help or wanting help or… I don’t really know.

Listen. You want to understand power? Spend some time with your friendly neighborhood Moon Pluto person 🙂 You want to see the weight I’ve lifted? I’ll show you. Do I know everything? No way! But I know some things 🙂 And yes I love to share them. I love to ask questions, rhetorical ones included. A rhetorical question doesn’t mean I don’t have my own answer or two. I also love to hear your thoughts.

But it always feels a bit bizarre to me. Because I am happily typing away and posting my stuff and there is no problem. I love writing from an emotional trance-state. I go deep in.

Saturn in Sagittarius is squaring Virgo: Sagittarius can be intellectually arrogant. So can Virgo. Will we see an uptick in obnoxious advice giving and intellectual cock fighting during this transit? I think the answer is clear! Think about that Cap/Sag combination as well — the advice takes a cautious turn, even pessimistic.

Sagittarius is not soooooo comfortable with Cancerian vulnerability EW keep it over there! Libra wants it up in a bow, make it nice, be polite. Virgo has to run it through the grinder, pick at it, analyze. Aries wants to get over it! Pisces has rich feeling in spades but still gets spooked by their own feels. It’s Cancer, my friends, yes Cancer who can show the way to Emotional Warriorship and Wizardry. The path to fearlessness. It’s not the Air, Fire, or Earth who can do this. They have their own skills to teach us. We need it all, yes, we need it all. Why are Cancers so extra awesome these days? Trial by fire, my friends. Nodes are squaring us. Pluto is opposing us. We have NO CHOICE but to grow not just a pair but…

Let me make this clear:

YOUR EMOTIONS DO NOT NEED FIXING. Your tears are not a problem. Your grief is not inappropriate. You don’t need a doily for your rage. You don’t have to smile. Your longing is not a disease. Once you feel it? You are already changing it, letting it go. It’s a beautiful thing. AND if you do find yourself stuck? There are other ways to transmute and release. Making art for example.

And now Venus in Leo must take her leave, but I’ll be around today. Come visit me on Facebook 🙂

Love, MP

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