Taking Your Monster For A Walk (Moon Pluto People)

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bette david had a moon pluto conjunction

(This is a re-post from September)

Are you an emotional person? I am. I often can’t stop, can’t stop it. It’s relentless: Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House. Not all 1st House Moons are like this, but many of them are, and yes, a Moon in the Aries house surely gives strength and fire and warrior-tude to the feelings, no matter what sign the Moon is in. And Pluto makes it obsessive, possessive, compulsive.

Do you have a Moon and Pluto contact in your chart? A hard aspect or a soft one? Pluto attached to the feelings is… well… how do YOU feel about your Moon Pluto? Do you find it makes you flow and leak and gush? Or do you find that it makes you hold it in more and you threaten to burst and then you do, when triggered.

Or maybe you are sealed up tight.

How do you regulate your intensity? 

It’s like a war inside, right? You don’t need politics, you don’t need newspapers, you don’t need reality. You’re a self-sustaining, self-generating source of power. It’s all inside you. Most of the plays I’ve written were this Moon Pluto intensity but through the mouths of characters. On the one hand, you don’t need anyone to feel. On the other hand, you need desperately.

It’s like the music is never loud enough, the sex is never hard enough, the other person is never there enough. FILL ME UP says the Moon Pluto person because I can’t bear to be alone IN THIS. It needs to be shared. It needs to ATTACH.

And it’s not that it feels bad. It doesn’t feel bad at all. But it’s a tremendous amount of energy that needs release and relief and expression and explosion. And no fear, okay? Don’t fear what’s inside you.

What do you do? How do you make it better?

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