Taking It On Faith

"north node in pisces"
Paul Newman had Moon in Pisces

For the last couple months, people, wise people, have been my North Node in Pisces come to life, begging me to “take it on faith,”

So. A quiz. A North Node Quiz: When you keep getting the same message over and over in your life from people you respect, from people who care, what do you do?

1) Listen and learn. They know better.

2) Disregard their wisdom. After all, you’ve gotten this far.

3) Tell them to mind their own business. (Hey wait, the Mars Pluto Opposition is separating. Less intense less intense less intense!)

4) Cry.

Fellow StarGazers, want to know what I did? Want to know what I do? I listen. And not only that… I take NOTES. Yes, I am a good Virgo Moon and I take notes and reread my notes. I keep my notes where I can see them. And hopefully I learn. And yeah, I cry too. I’m a Cancer πŸ˜‰

At the same time though, these issues, these problems, have been with me my whole life. I’ve had therapy, I’ve gotten older, I’ve meditated, I’ve Eaten, Prayed, and Loved πŸ˜‰ And still, I worry. Fuck. I’m Jewish — of course I worry. We invented worry.

But just because I worry doesn’t mean I can’t do something else too, like work with the mind in a new way, or one of the old ways that I’ve forgotten about. Or seek good counsel, the words of the wise.

And early this afternoon, as I was doing my errands, in between the heavy raindrops, it would happen. Negative thinking. Automatic as the rain. It came down on me, yup. Made my hair wet. So fast, so silent, invisible, undetectable until I realized that…I felt kinda bad.

And I thought to myself: why can’t I…? WHY CAN’T I…?

And I can’t, won’t even finish that sentence here because it feels too raw, too personal. But you get my point. That there’s something you want. SomethingS you want and your whole life it (dramatic pause) slips away. Life gives you the almost. The maybe.The are you kidding me? The no.

What sign is your North Node in? Study that sign. That sign is gonna teach you.

And another thing: when you open up to faith, when you open to possibility, when you OPEN??? It’s like, it’s like, it’s like ANYTHING can happen then. Like, if the door of your mind isn’t busy slamming shut every 5 seconds? There’s a shread of fucking hope. For you and for you and for you.

Do you have faith?

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