Take Your Rage And Put It Somewhere

"days of heaven"
Richard Gere has Mars in Cancer!

I mean: use it. Productively, okay? Think about this now. When Mars in Cancer comes to oppose Pluto and square Uranus and square Saturn, you may feel, um, tense. You may have moments of…EMOTIONAL INTENSITY and okay I’ve got Mercury in Cancer (which transiting Saturn is approaching, by square) and I’m struggling to express myself today but what I’m trying to say is: use the energy inside you, building inside you. Figure this out now.Think about it.

I wrote the above paragraph this morning and now I’m home and I’ve washed off the day (my euphemism for taking a shower) and I’m feeling it and I think to myself: Self? Should I find someone to put up a speedbag for meย  because I’m gonna need an opening for this energy and what’s gonna come charging out is raw and real and I have no clue when my boyfriend is coming to town and what the FUCK AM I GONNA DO WITH THIS ACHE? That’s what my natal Mars in Cancer said to me as I felt transiting Mars enter Cancer and move towards the outer planets.

Here’s some advice for working with this energy: if you have a lover, keep them busy during August because Mars in Cancer has emotional responses to everything and better let it play out in the bedroom and not while you’re driving to work. Make sense? Mars Saturn isย  frustration. Mars Pluto is violence. Mars Uranus is explosive. Not saying you’ll have this stuff in any outward manifestation but that this energy will be IN THE AIR and likely inside you. Own the gunk inside you and you minimize the chance that it will become a Golem.

Also, Mercury is retrograde so misunderstandings, fights, are more than possible. In Leo? Pride will get in the way. Try not to beat up pride, okay?

Since we’re already talking about Mars and Pluto let me tell you a story. Ideally (and I’m a Venus square Neptune girl) my lover is obsessed with *%#@&^* me. Anything short of painful passion isn’t enough. And I don’t mean psychopathology. What I’m talking about is in the MoonPluto realms of normalcy ๐Ÿ™‚ And these transits kick up all these feelings, which are so physical. It’s never about orgasm because it’s never about relief. It’s about the moment when, the moment when, the moment when…

You know, I tried to write about this in the most recent full-length play that I was working on: the moment when. And everybody, I think, has a different “moment when.”

My point is… find the spot where this Mars transit will take root for you and… pull up a chair. Or run for your life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope these stories aren’t alienating to readers. I feel like I have to tell them. It’s a compulsion (Pluto) to share (Moon) my feelings (Moon) with the masses (Moon). This blog isn’t an anti-blog. I mean, I’m not political here. I’m not going to share my views or talk about yours. But this blog is anti-loneliness. Anti-isolation.

So. Get out your chart and your coffee and your donut and… you know the drill says Mars ๐Ÿ™‚ Lay down your burdens, your weary power tools ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lay them down.

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