Take Your Mars To The Gym

"mars in virgo"

In the comments, a reader mentioned that my Mars in Virgo tweets about going to the gym inspired her to go to the gym and I think that’s awesome, an awesome use of the Mars in Virgo energy.

There are other ways to work with it of course — not everyone is interested in those machines. I like those machines although I tend to use the same one. I need the trainer dude to show me how to use the others. I… can’t figure it out on my own. I also can’t work a fax machine but that’s another story. Does anyone fax anymore?

Venus enters Capricorn on Saturday, adding to the earth energy, adding to the trine: Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus… You will find beauty in your work, whatever it is. You will look beautiful, but serious, on those machines. You may attract on those machines: Mars trine Venus.

But be careful of what you attract: is it what, who, you want? Venus (love) will conjunct Pluto (intensity).

I like all this earth energy to smooth out the wicked fire going on: the eclipse, the retrograde, the Sun in Sagittarius. Not that fire is wicked but… can be impulsive.

Now I know you know where transiting Pluto is in your chart, but I suggest you return to this spot because Venus will be settling in there too. Sociability, better mood, desire, attraction, love. And money!

What aspects does Venus in Capricorn make in your chart? 

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