Take The Virgo Challenge! (Another Post For The New Moon)

"new moon in virgo"
Virgo Sun Mickey Rourke wants you to clean your room

A clean room feels bigger! Ever notice this? And we’ve got the Sun and New Moon in Virgo, and Venus too, so take the Virgo Challenge!

Is there something in your home, in your life, in your… self that you want to clean or cleanse or organize? Literally or metaphorically. And why would you do this? To feel bigger. Virgo is trining Jupiter in Taurus. And by bigger I mean… Expanded Consciousness! And yes when I wrote that phrase Expanded Consciousness I said it out loud in my deepest voice 🙂 Yes the Virgo planets want you to view your life in a new way.

The New Moon in Virgo is also trine Pluto. Easily accessed profound emotions! If you don’t take advantage of the rest of this day? Well, there’s always tomorrow 😉

I thought of the Virgo Challenge as I tweeted something about clean rooms and walked into my bedroom and sighed a good sigh. The pleasure of my space, a room of my own. Everything in its place. Mostly.

Now, I don’t have much stuff. Futon, desk, chair, clothing, some books, body-stuff, computer, printer… I think I’ll stop with this list but Virgo loves lists so maybe I should continue hmm…. calendar, phone, shoes, scratching post, desk lamps, Tylenol. Okay, enough 😉

The Sun is in early Virgo so you’ve got the time to do this, you’ve got the time to do your Virgo. And it’s not cleaning for the sake of cleaning, although that’s good too. There’s something more: the expanded consciousness I was referring to above. See, Virgo is about the details and opposite Virgo is Pisces who fuzzes out the details and has A Vision.

So you do your Virgo to get to your Pisces and your room is clean and  your soul expands. Yeah. Do this. It could really open your mind.

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