Synastry Topics! Fire Lover, Earth Lover

I have a lot of earth in my chart, a lot of Virgo in my chart, and more and more I am noticing my attraction to fire signs and how being brought down to earth is… the wrong way to keep one.

They need their dreams. They need their ideals. When a fire sign, lover or other, comes to you with the grand plan, your job is to… GO ALONG WITH IT.

I mean, even if you are skeptical, cynical… will it really hurt you that much to go along with it? To let their enthusiasm boost you? And, hey, maybe they are right. Maybe it will happen.

Or maybe you… feel like you’re lying if you don’t bring the TRUTH as you see it into view. Lying not just to them, but to YOURSELF. There you go, getting your hopes up again. Damn fire sign.

I am thinking of an ex boyfriend with some significant fire in his chart, personal planets and every time he would mention this one dream I kept bringing the reality to him on a silver platter. Why? Because his dream was about me, and with my Moon (and Pluto) conjunct in the 1st House, the Aries House, I was pretty damn quick to make clear that I was NOT that girl. I couldn’t fake it. Should I have faked it? Looking back, probably not but now I understand more what was happening. He was interested in the REAL me, yes, but he needed the dream too. I couldn’t make sense of it. To me it was fake.

Despite my attraction, fire lovers do make me nervous in this way. They feel… out of touch to an earthy girl like me. I can cruise along on their inspiration yacht for a while and then I’m left wondering exactly WHEN is this plan going to manifest. Sometimes it does. Years later. Or not at all.

Fire signs give me hope and sunshine but I like my fire TRUE. And that’s the problem. Fire sees TRUE this way. Earth sees TRUE that way.

The question becomes: can earth and fire live happily ever after? 

Share your experiences here!

Love, MP


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