Sweet Plum North Node

"north node in pisces" I started thinking about my North Node today because I realize to get anything done with maximum peace and true efficiency (efficiency: a Virgo South Node word) I need to go there, go Pisces or, at least, not go Virgo. Not a new thought but on my mind.

With my Virgo Moon Pluto, Vesta, Ascendent, and South Node, it’s pretty clear where I err despite the value and sweet plum-like love that I have for my Moon Pluto conjunction.

But really it’s the North Node that is the sweet plum, sought after fruit of our betterment. “Where you will make steady increments,” my teacher used to say.

How do you get there?
And do you stay there?

What do you do, what have you ever done, to live the way of your North Node? Do share in the comments!

I will share my strategies in future blog posts… 


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