Surviving Venus Square Saturn *Today*

"moon conjunct pluto"What I wrote on Facebook last night:

Thinking about sex. Need to blog about this. My experience of sexual experience. And the needs of the Moon Pluto person. If we do not tell our stories we will be consumed by them.

And I think this is perfect for the sky we’re under — Venus in Leo is square Mars and Saturn in Scorpio.

If you are trying to have sex under this sky? Reaching for intimacy under this sky. Reaching for his or her hand under this sky. Please don’t expect to get all your needs met or romantic fantasies or all holes (INCLUDING THE HOLE THAT IS THE HEART) filled.

The Moon in Virgo makes wonderful aspects though — so stick to what you know (Mercury) and create ORDER. Not chaos. But order.

Venus in Leo will NOT have a good day. Her needs will NOT be met. So get over it, okay? There will be many more days for chocolate kisses. I PROMISE. Turn the drama down to LOW, real low. 

In the meantime:

Moon sextile Saturn
Moon sextile Mars
Moon conjunct Mercury…

You can see how good this is for work, right? Good for MIND. Even if you slept poorly. Focus, concentration, dedication are ALL GOOD. It’s your heart that hurts.

I remember mentioning in one of the chat rooms to put off tough stuff until mid-week, until Venus had cleared Mars Saturn. But I don’t always take my own advice. THE MOON PLUTO PERSON often cannot wait and cannot stop and thus we suffer. And thus we must learn: 

-that we are grace
-that we give grace
-that we receive grace
-we are grace, patience, and equanimity

I am so sorry — those of you who are struggling in your relationships. There’s a lot of pain going around. There always seems to be enough somehow. I’m so sorry. Let me pull a card…

Who do we see? THE MAGICIAN.

You don’t have to share it all. You don’t have to share… all your tricks, tricks of the trade. Sleight of hand is called for. Where is your magic book? Look in your book — for a spell, an idea. Which means, you must take time out to read. No rushing. Magic tricks get sloppy when you’re in a hurry. I’m not encouraging dishonesty but I am asking for your… expertise.

Venus square Saturn can be cold. Venus square Saturn can be mean. Venus square Saturn rejects before getting rejected. Venus square Saturn can feel ugly, unworthy, and wrong.

Sorry I just can’t whitewash Venus square Saturn and give you the “up” side of this aspect today. It’s a brutal one.

But I just drew the Ace of Cups so I wouldn’t give up just yet.

Love, MP

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