Surviving Taurus Season

Some lives never feel settled. Always at a crossroads. Something else, something more, to figure out. A new problem. A new discovery. A new love. Is your life like this? Or are you “figured out.” Dug in.

This has absolutely *not* been a typical Taurus Season. Saturn is in Scorpio and one by one, all the planets moving through Taurus have created oppositions with Saturn.

Oppositions are the other people (and situations) that come into our lives to show us… where we’re at. And where we need to do better (especially in the case of Saturn).

When oppositions happen by transit, you are more BUSY. There is more outside influence, good, bad, ugly, or neutral. It can be that “why is this always happening to me” feeling because something IS happening to you, and usually beyond your control. Your power lies in your action and reaction. And your negotiation skills.

If you have an opposition in your chart, then you are always in a process of trying to… reconcile, at least, two worlds.

Let’s use as an example some out of season signs: Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is the  mother. Capricorn the father. Cancer is emotional. Capricorn keeps emotions in check. Cancer is the home. Capricorn is work. See what I mean?

Imagine someone who has such an opposition or more than one opposition in their natal chart. Where will they put their energy and what happens when one side of the equation get ignored?

A Cancer/Capricorn person will suffer if they ONLY live in their feelings (Cancer) and never learn that they still have to work (Capricorn) even when they don’t feel like it. A Cancer/Capricorn person will suffer if they ONLY do their duty and ignore their feelings and instincts.

So in terms of handing what’s happening in the sky these days, I think Saturn in Scorpio is holding up that Taurus/Venus mirror, showing you where you are lacking and that is painful. There are holes in your boat, the water is pouring out. You will drown if you don’t fix it. What will you do? The opposition here may be a situation or a person or the KNOWLEDGE of what needs repair.

My advice: don’t get lazy. Low vibration of Taurus isn’t just slow, it STOPS. It stagnates. Push yourself as much as you can NOW. Even if that push is about… non-doing or self-care. But for many of us it is about work and survival, physical, emotional.

Also, I think Gemini Season will lighten our hearts so hang in 🙂

Love, MP


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