Survival Skills: Advice For Saturn In Scorpio

"saturn in scorpio"There are moods and then there are mooooooooods.

Saturn in Scorpio  is going to be way different than Saturn in Libra, which is an Air sign.

We won’t be able to detach. Won’t be able to take the high road, be diplomatic. It will be, it is, submergence.

The Full Moon in Taurus at the end of this month will illuminate the particulars of  this transit for you.

Even if you are having good aspects, and many of us earth/water people are, brace yourself with the floatation device of your choice because Saturn in Scorpio can feel like a heavy weight around your neck and it will drag you down and the length of time will vary.

Work on this now, before we get in too deep, work on figuring it out, how you will keep yourself afloat. And safe.



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