Surrender Surrender Surrender to Venus Neptune

"Venus square Neptune"
Embrace by Egon Schiele

Look at the float of her hair. The adoration in his posture. I don’t know what she’s looking at… I don’t want to know. I just like it.

Sensitivity to art and music is considered Venus’ domain. Neptune too. And Venus Neptune together, in any aspect. The harder aspects can bring the longing up a notch. The dreaming, the pining. The melancholy, sweet relief.

I’ve got the square and more than once have been fooled by love. Fooled by moments like the one in the painting above. The adoring man who turns out to be less than a king, less than a prince, less than zero 🙂 I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. (There’s a joke in there. Did you find it?)

And can you blame me? With Venus square Neptune AND Neptune on my descendent AND Venus in my 12th? What’s a fair maiden to do?

The fair maiden can 1) ask her friends what they think about the guy du jour or 2) she can fend for herself and possibly land in the Neptune patch again or 3) she should definitely get feedback from trusted people but also work the art herself, whatever it is: write, paint, dance, sing, anything. Sounds simple, sounds silly, until you try it and it helps.  Listen to sad music and cry. Go to the movies and cry. Pet a puppy and cry. Venus Neptune is your tears. They are wet and tasty holy water.

Venus Neptune is the beautiful masochist, surrendering, surrendering, surrendering… but to what? Where did he go? Oh.

But you had it wrong, honey. From go.

So, let the Venus Neptune energy… out. To play. In the yard. Of your psyche. So that. You won’t. Die. Of the inglorious romantic pain that is Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus Venus. Neptune.

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