Sunday Sushi For The Moon In Taurus

"moon in taurus"

I had been working all day and needed a break. My roommate had just come home, a quadruple Taurus, and I suggested we walk to the main drag and get some ice cream.

Cancer Sun Mercury Mars that I am, I was trying to figure out if I was actually HUNGRY and ready for more than just dessert and a very Cancerian question popped out. I said to her:  “Are you hungry?”

She was. We stopped by her favorite sandwich shop. Too crowded! Too warm! Too many kids! (Well, these were MY complaints.)

We then passed the sushi place that everybody loves. I made the suggestion. She was up for it. And we dined on inexpensive delicious sushi followed by, yup, soft serve ice cream. Mine: chocolate and vanilla with sprinkles.

We ran an errand and then walked home happier than before. Sunday Sushi I  said out loud, as though we would, could, make a routine of it.

And just now I looked at the list of planets and degrees and noticed that the Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in Taurus. No wonder.

The Moon rules food and Venus (ruler of Taurus) rules comfort! Jupiter is big and my sushi roll pieces really were big! And comforting 🙂

Do you live the transits?


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